There are two options for traditional personal/custom maps:

1. Customized map.

I have a hand-drawn fictional map of Caribbean islands printed on paper (11" x 14" map). You supply a list of names, people, pets, events, places, etc. and I add these as features to the map. These maps can usually be completed within a couple of weeks, depending on other work.

This has fixed prices of:

50 – 75 names: $165
76 – 125 names: $190
126 – 175 names: $230
176 – 225 names: $275

2. Commissioned map.

These are priced based on the level of complexity and can be on board, paper or wood (most people select the board - as it looks like paper but is more stable and easier to hang). These also have aspects from the life, but can be more names than option 1. Prices can range from $350 - $6000, where the high end is really detailed city maps that can take months to draw and I often have a few lined up to complete first. The price does reflect the size of the map, but more so the level of detail to be included and the process will involve several discussions and homework.

Commissioned maps are very unique and involve consultation with the client to be able to include significant aspects, places and events of their life into a single map.
The map will be “set” somewhere (e.g. Montana or western England) and then all the desired features incorporated into the landscape. Examples of features include:
• Family members
• Friends
• Pet names
• Places lived/visited/Military based served on
• Jobs/work related locations
• Favorite Films or TV shows/characters
• Significant events
• Dates
Some features are obvious (i.e. the main town name, but other are often hidden within the shapes in the map. Clients often provide a very long list of items for possible inclusion!


Maps can be created on board, paper or wood (including photographs of wood printed on board).

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