Biography for David Nuttall of Artimaps:


David Nuttall, Artimaps



Originally from Aberfan in South Wales David lived in Addlestone, Windsor and Datchet in southern England. He has lived in Huntsville, Alabama since 1996. David’s work includes the unique artwork of hand-drawn plausible fictitious maps. He has been creating this type of map since the age of five, but has significantly improved the detail, quality and plausibility. David feels lucky to still have some of his earliest maps, from about the age of 8 onwards.

The fictional maps can be inspired by real places and include research into that area to ensure plausibility. David is not trying to fool people that the places drawn are real, but is trying to create the feeling that they could be. The maps can take several months to draw.

The maps are created on a variety of mediums, including paper, photographs, wood, board, canvas and most recently directly on skin (as temporary art).

David does create some maps of real places that can include “re-imagined” maps that look at the familiar in a different way. He also offers custom artwork as commissions that are unique maps that involve consultation with the customer to be able to include significant aspects, places and events of their life into a map. All family members, pets and places lived are often included in some form.


David was trained as a cartographer by the British Government’s Military Survey mapping agency from the age of 16 and he has worked in mapping, GIS, software implementation, customer training and software design (within Public Safety) for Intergraph in Huntsville and InterAct (North Carolina). He still performs Public Safety GIS consulting services in addition to the artwork.



Alabama Calling group show 2013, Auburn, Alabama

Red Clay Survey – Huntsville Museum of Art exhibition 2014, Huntsville, Alabama

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment – “Fragments” solo show 2015, Huntsville, Alabama

Magnificent Maps (David’s art was the inspiration for the show) 2016, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Royal Academy of Art - Summer Exhibition 2016, London, U.K.



Monte Sano Art Show Merit Award 2010

Eufaula Art Show 1st Place 2011

Monte Sano Art Show Ruby Speed Award 2011


TEDx Huntsville – TED Talk  “Cartocacoethes”, 2015 “9 artists to follow on Instagram 2015”

AAA Magazine feature about Lowe Mill, 2015

British Cartographic Society cover story “Art of Cartography”, 2016

Huntsville Times newspaper – front page article, 2016

PechaKucha: Chattanooga Speaker, 2016

TBEX Speaker, 2017


Studio 308, Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, 2211 Seminole Drive, Huntsville, 35805   256 682 3919